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Maximize Your Capacity to Earn!

Decrease Costs & Liability while Increasing Profits & Safety.  Inflatable Concept Parks are the Evolution of the Industry.

The Smart Way

Boost turnover by
cutting down
operating costs

Designed with functionality and efficiency in mind, the Inflatable Concept Park is thoroughly streamlined and set up to run with almost nil friction points. Once installed, the ICP operates like a well-oiled machine that’s capable of functioning with minimal supervision, administration, and maintenance.

ICP effectively obliterates the need to micromanage your ICP, something that’s not possible with traditional inflatable park setups. In so doing, it allows you to run with fewer operating and support staff, thus shaving off expenditure that can be then used for other more productive activities.

Indoor layout

Graph Indoor Layout
Indoor Layout
15000 SQFT
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ICP Layout

ICP layout

Graph ICP Layout

Increase your capacity
by making the most
out of your space

The modular ICP exists as a single flexible architectural unit. This is opposed to the traditional inflatable park setup with separate inflatables that do not only consume scarce space but are also disjointed and tedious to navigate.

With our ICP, distinct segments of the inflatable park lead into each other, creating a fluid and seamless experience for your guests. More importantly, however, this setup allows you to utilize every bit of available space to maximum effect. Rather than have a set of separate inflatables that take up space, ICP enables you to transform your entire real estate into a giant inflatable ballpark. Of course, increased inflatable real estate (as opposed to ‘dead space’) invariably translates to increased capacity ergo increased revenue.


Total entertainment
for everyone!

insurance costs

The efficient/streamlined nature of the ICP also means to lower insurance costs. Like our many existing clients, …insurance brokers acknowledge the structurally sound and durable architecture of the ICP. What that means is that you get better, more comprehensive insurance packages as our prospective consumer.

Reduce insurance costs
Comparison Before
Icon Safe

Definitely Safer

An ICP does away with the risk of injury associated with trampoline parks and family entertainment centers. Its 100% inflatable setting prevents the occurrence of injuries that might occur after a collision with hard surfaces, as are foam pads and decks.

Our professional code of ethics forbids us to install dangerous games just because our client mandates it. Instead we leverage our technical expertise and years of experience to determine what’s safe and what to avoid. That said you can always trust that we will always act in your best interest.

Wholesome entertainment
for the mind and body

Icon entertainment

The ICP experience transcends the ordinary; we’re installing an inflatable park that promises to deliver fun in totality, from the physical aspect of it to the more subtle emotional components. We believe the best experiences are created in the company of those we love. ICP exploits this central tenet of creating pleasurable and memorable experiences in its service delivery model.

To achieve this, the ICP was intently designed to be all-encompassing – catering to the needs and peculiarities of all members of the family.

From young to old, active to reserved, there’s a delightful serving of fun for everyone on the GENESIS menu.

Part of the process of creating wholesome and memorable experiences is ensuring that fun is safe. Unlike the typical inflatable park or trampoline park, ICP, through its 100% inflatable architecture, eliminates the risk of impact injuries from falling. There are practically no hard surfaces, foam pads, or decks. Think of it as an inflatable bag of fun and all things pleasant.

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