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Hi-tech lighting
system – DJ booth
and special FX

Turn up the fun!

with some spectacular lighting

Excite the senses of your visitors/guests with our signature GLOW IN THE DARK lighting system. Crafted with hi-tech materials, this no less than captivating lighting concept transforms your inflatable park into a theater of dreams, one where incredible and unforgettable memories are created.

The GLOW IN THE DARK lighting system is a standout feature that both leaves a long-lasting impression and sets you apart from the competition.
It is a must-have if your goal is to enthrall and entertain your guests.

Turn up the fun
Lights Animation
DJ and Special FX

DJ booth and special FX

The Experience

Massive, captivating, and modular with first-rate entertainment features, the Inflatable Concept Park has everything you’ll need to keep an entire family hooked and then some. Unlike traditional inflatable concept parks, ICP experience infuses the glitz and glam of entertainment into an already impressive lineup of fun-filled activities with its state-of-the-art DJ booth.

What this means is that you get all the lights, confetti, glow in the dark elements and visual effects controlled by your own life and soul of the party – the DJ. Picture this DJ Spinning the wheels of steel to the delight of a frenzied crowd; all caught up in the rhythm of the moment. This is the ICP experience intently structured to provide wholesome, refreshing, and timeless fun to all members of the family.

When was the last time you gave your family 60 minutes of pure happiness? And by pure happiness we don’t just mean bouncing in an air castle or sliding down a water slide – we’re talking breathtakingly comprehensive fun that extends way past the physical component. ICP DJ Booth, with its stellar ensemble of laser lights, confetti, and HIFI surround audio, sets the mood for fun that’s invigorating to the mind, body, and soul.

It’s a musical showcase that immerses your audience in the concert party of their dreams, only this time the location is in an inflatable ballpark where they can either soulfully bounce to the rhythm, or better still jump to the sky and fulfill their fantasies of touching the stars.

Families can take it up a notch by participating in fitness classes, Zumba classes, challenges, and competitions; all hosted in the fun and entertaining atmosphere created by the ICP DJ Booth.

Turn up the fun

For the best part, the ICP DJ Booth is entirely customizable and easy to use. Want a punk/rock atmosphere in your inflatable park but can’t put your finger on what songs best portrays that vibe? Simply select one of the many available preset options that match your preference, hit the play button and ICP will do the rest.

Despite its name, each session, configured to last 60 minutes, does not require an actual DJ. The ICP DJ Booth is a simple plug and play system (*) that brings on the full complement of a real DJ in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

(*Optional system)
Turn up the fun

That interface is the all-new DVC PRO – a 1024-channel USB Zu DMX-interface with Wifi access and onboard control software. Designed by the renowned and critically acclaimed German audio engineering firm, AdamhallTm, the DVC Pro user interface is the best-in-class user control module for seamless integration and limitless functionality.

Adam Hall