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Ordering an Inflatable Concept Park

Placing an order for your ICP is a simple and intuitive process that starts with you contacting us either via phone, mail, or through a visit to our corporate office.

1 Getting to know you

Once that initial contact has been established, the next phase is an interactive session where we get to know you, your ideas, and what you plan on achieving. Our expert sales team will be ready on hand to provide detailed analyses and counseling if the need arises. At the end of the day, we will provide you with an initial quote based on your specifications and preferences. That said, we typically charge about $17 – $26 per square foot*.

2 Sorting out the design work

With your ideas in mind (and on paper), our design team will then proceed to derive a conceptual draft of your ICP. This preliminary design, which takes on the average 2-3 weeks to complete, is subject to ratification by you. Once you’ve given the thumbs up, we will push your project to the next stage.

3 Creating a detailed technical blueprint

Here, the original design draft is converted into a comprehensive structural blueprint that will serve as a construction plan. To effect this transformation, we will;

First, visit your preferred location to work out measurements and specifications.

Adapt the product to ensure compliance with local building codes and safety regulations.

Then consolidate every noted metric into a detailed technical plan.

This phase usually lasts about 4-6 weeks.

4 Production proper

Blueprints in hand and with our technical crew all set up for construction, custom fabrication of your inflatable park now begins. Production is a stepwise, heavily supervised and detailed process that takes roughly 6-8 weeks.

5 Getting your inflatable park to you

Once production is complete, we arrange and supervise shipping to your preferred location. Note that the time frame for this part of the order-delivery process is dependent on your location. In most instances, however, it doesn’t exceed 6 weeks

6 Installations

Installation is the final piece that completes the jigsaw puzzle. For that, our technicians will be on-site to both install and provide usage and equipment training. By the time we’re done, usually in a week, you (and your staff) will be thoroughly equipped to safely run your inflatable park without any hiccups.