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First and foremost, you need real estate, a place to install and run the ICP. Once you’ve secured a location, simply reach out to our experienced sales team to set up an appointment. With you onboard, we will help develop a concise and actionable business plan for the setup and operation of your ICP.

Everything! And that’s including shipping, installation and usage training.

We’ve thought ahead and developed an innovative module replacement and management system called INFLETRIS. INFLETRIS allows you to seamlessly replace defective modules on short notice, thus eliminating the need for service downtimes and associated revenue loss.

On average, it takes about 4 -5 months to conceptualize an idea, develop a structurally competent blueprint, and then get on with fabrication. Note, however, that because our final render is tailor-fit to your specified location, having your premises prepped and ready greatly accelerates this process.

All inflatable products developed by Inflated Depot is fabricated to pass the most stringent safety and standards tests. We work hand in hand with global health and safety organizations, so rest easy knowing that our production process (and eventual products) meet the highest requirements for safety and quality.

Affording our clients the option to customize their ICP to match their taste and preference remains an integral component of our service delivery model. ICP from Inflated depot are 100% customizable – the only limit is your imagination.

Sure, why not? The DJ booth option is an optional extra. Although we strongly recommend including it in your package to further strengthen the delivery of that signature ICP experience.

ICP represents a novel and innovative approach towards building inflatable parks that are both durable and reliable. The emphasis with ICP is producing inflatable parks that can stand the test of time.

To achieve this, ICP is fabricated via an industry renowned process using only the finest materials. Invariably this means that as an investment vehicle or business idea ICP is better positioned to deliver assured returns over a much more longer period.

The ICP inflatable concept park comes with a 2-year limited warranty for issues caused by faulty production or defective materials. It’s important to note that the limited warranty does not cover wear and tear due to normal use, overuse, or misuse. Please refer to our Terms&Conditions for full warranty information.

The ICP is a product of an industry-leading fabrication process. All of our products come with the Inflatable Depot seal of quality summarily described as top-tier production delivered at a more than competitive price.

To put a figure on just how durable our products are, we’ve determined (through research and customer feedback) the timeframe and approximate durability of an inflatable park. For more detailed information on this, please refer to

The power consumption figure for an ICP is linked to its size and capacity. That said, with Inflatable Depot, you’re guaranteed significant power savings on your ICP courtesy of a streamlined and energy-efficient framework. For a detailed explanation of how this works please refer to