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A Qualified Investment Opportunity

With the highest quality workmanship and materials built to last well beyond their investment, the decision to invest in an Inflatable Concept Park couldn’t be easier.


Durability is one crucial factor that’s often downplayed in the inflatables industry, and that’s primarily because most inflatable products out there are fashioned from generic materials, essentially what everyone uses. Inflatable Concept Park dares to deviate from the norm, and our competitive advantage – extended to your business as well – is centered on the usage of a novel, custom-built, and durable composite that outclasses virtually all other options in the market today. When it comes to durability and longevity, ICP remains the industry gold standard, and by leveraging on the economies of scale, we’re able to offer an ICP to you at a cost-effective price point.

Is this durability

YES! Just as cars have a mileage, a ICP has a discrete lifespan. This lifespan is, however, dependent on the number of guests who use your inflatable park within a specific period. For instance, in the case of a 15,000 square feet concept park with a yearly guest tally of 127,000 guests, the projected lifespan computes to about three and a half years. Within this period and given the guest count, your ICP should pull in at least $5.7 million in revenue

Durability Graph Animation

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