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The difference is not
only in the material…

Heavy duty fabric GN200 plus, 19oz.

Water & weather

UV & fade

Fire retardant
NPFA 701


Great strength
& stretch

Excellent abrasion

Easy to

… but also in the manufacturing process:

Internal baffles with extra reinforcements

Quadruple stitching with extra heavy-duty thread

Seam cover system to avoid wear

Sturdy internal cloths, reinforced, capable of withstanding stretch in all directions

Digital Printing

In Digital printing, we work with UV ink, extra adhesion.

UV resistant lacquer for protection and durability on our digitally printed projects.

It’s all in the details

As the saying goes, excellence is in the details; if the goal is to create high quality, sound and foolproof structures with a zero margin for error then strict attention must be paid to the minutest of details.

In the context of buildings and architectural works, paying attention to detail goes past merely plugging a round peg in a round hole or making sure everything fits in perfectly; it is a proactive process where the fabricator (or constructor) accurately predicts potential issues and devises mechanisms to ameliorate these issues even before they occur. Attention to detail is first, the definitive pathway to creating structures that deliver the utmost value and, even more importantly, the benchmark for guaranteeing a 100% safety factor for any architectural piece.